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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aryanna’s Updates

            Tum dee dum dee dum and it’s already 47 days since I made that journey down the birth canal and left my beloved watery home forever.  Do I still miss it?  Hell yeah, u bet!  But not as much as before, fortunately.
            Let’s see, what have I been up to lately?  Other than the usual newborn business of growing pretty and dining on boobiejuice and pooing and peeing and boobiejuice again and sleeping; quite a bit, actually.  Let me start with the hospital visit.  Well, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the hospital to see Dr Paediatrician.  The visit started off well, with Mummy and Daddy chatting to Dr Paediatrician and me nice and snug in the crook of Mummy’s arm.  Then, I was put on a narrow bed, and then I was stripped and prodded and I started thinking hey what’s going on.  But then Mummy held my arms and started crooning to me and calling me her brave little girl.  I relaxed and was happy again.  I wasn’t doing anything particularly brave at that time, but I wasn’t going to contradict her!  And then all of a sudden, Dr Paediatrician (Dr Evil, more like!) stuck a needle in my thigh.  Holy stinky poo, it hurt sooo bad!  All thoughts of bravery flew out of my head and I screamed blue murder!!  I noticed with great satisfaction the guilty looks on Mummy and Daddy’s face.  Note to self: the next time Mummy and Daddy mention seeing Dr Paediatrician, I should start screaming and kicking.  Other than that unpleasant episode, Dr Paediatrician pronounced me healthy and strong.
            The next worthy-mentioned event is my party.  Yup!  I had a party held in my honour, to celebrate the fact that I had been born into this world.  I’m liking this world more and more!  Some of the guests came bearing packages wrapped in colourful papers, which made Mummy and Daddy smile.  Others came bearing small rectangular red envelopes which made Mummy and Daddy smile even more.  There was pleeeennnnnty of food which was served boofay style.  We had fried rice and noodles, fried chicken, ribs in plum sauce, butter prawns, sambal sotong, veggies and mushrooms, wantans and fishballs, steamed dumplings, yellow glutinous rice, chicken curry, red tortoises (honest! Tortoises!), soy bean drink and ABC, slices of papaya, watermelon and honeydew and most special of all, red eggs made specially by Maa, my maternal grandma.  Thank you Maa! 
            I guess the food was good, seeing as how all the adults dug in with great gusto.  Not me though.  I mean, I’m a newborn, duhhh… and I don’t have teeth, duhhh.  But I wouldn’t go near those blobs of food even if you paid me to!  No siree!  Boobiejuice for me!  I had a few rounds of those.  Om nom nom nom nom nom.  Those big chomping adults don’t know what they’re missing. 
            What else… ahhh yes, my passport.  I need it for a long journey that I’m going to make soon.  Hmmm, I wonder if it’ll be longer than the journey I made last 12th Jan.  I highly doubt it.  Anyway, Mummy and Daddy took me on a long ride to go get my passport done.  The car ride was soothing, so I took a lovely nap but I had a nasty dream of being splashed with cold water by a great big elephant.  I opened my eyes and saw that Daddy was the great big elephant splashing my face with cold water!  Daddeeeeeeee!!!!  I wasn’t happy at being so rudely awakened from my lovely nap, but I decided to be gracious and not cry and pose nicely for the photo.  I thought if I flare up my nostrils a bit, it’ll take the attention away from my bigger than average nose (courtesy of Daddy) and if I pout my lips, it’ll make my full lips (courtesy of Mummy) more kissable.  As for my eyes, I’ve already got lovely eyes and lashes and besides, I was too sleepy to do anything anyway.  After several tries, the photographer finally got the best shot.  He did quite a good job and I thought I looked gorgeous in the photo.  It was confirmed when we got home and Mummy and Daddy showed everyone my passport.  They all smiled and laughed and I was happy that I brought so much joy into the lives of the people around me. 
            Yesterday everyone dressed up and the ladies put on makeup.  I thought we’re having another party, but it turned out we were taking a family photo at a studio.  I can understand the excitement of everyone else, but you see, I’m used to having my photographs taken.  I’m not being blasé about it, but it’s something that happens almost everyday to me anyway.  So excuse me if I wasn’t as excited.  I went to sleep instead.  As expected, I still look gorgeous in the photos. 
            And now, I need my beauty sleep.  Yes, that is the secret of my gorgeousness and my sweet disposition.                


  1. hmm...this auntie here is wondering when she is gonna see a photo of you since you have taken so many already??? ;P

  2. auntie, my mummy maybe needs another tutorial?