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Friday, November 26, 2010

At The Omega and The Alpha

Here I am, at the omega and the alpha, the ending of one chapter of life and the beginning of another. 
After calling Labuan “home” for the last six years, I am finally leaving.  As I’m writing this, I am literally surrounded by boxes and boxes of things to be put away, things to be given away, and things to be thrown away.  Admittedly, I’ve been bitching about Labuan quite a bit more than usual lately.  The frequent power interruptions, the water disruptions, the expensive basic necessities, drivers who drive at 50 kph on the fast lane, etc etc are enough to drive even saints and angels to bitching.  And yours truly is most assuredly a mere mortal, neither saint nor angel. 
I may sound as if I hate the place, but actually, I don’t.  Life has been pretty good here.  There are literally no traffic jams, from everywhere to everywhere else it takes no longer than 20 mins, the queue at the airport is 7 mins long, also, there’s the matter of this place being the place I first met Light of My Life and the place we start our family life.  There are a lot of memories here.  Packing up to leave is a bittersweet exercise.  With the end of this chapter, comes the beginning of another.  For now, we’re setting up home in KL.  I don’t know if things are going to be better or worse.  But one thing’s for certain, things are definitely going to change and be different.  But then, changes and differences are good, right?      
I have also come to the end of my stint as a mother of one.  After being a mother of one for the past 2 joyful, awesome, crazy, wonderful years, (and 3 months and 9 days to be exact), I am now preparing myself to welcome another addition to the family.  Yup, another baby!  While being a mother is not a totally new experience for me, I’ve never been a mother to more than one before!  And as any mother can attest, no two pregnancy, labour, birth and child are the same.  So, in a sense, this is a new experience for me.
Lastly, this post marks the beginning of my online journal.  I have at various stages of my life kept a diary/journal/writings of some sort.  Initially, I’d diligently write, but as time passed, the time lapse between one entry and the next grew longer and longer and in the end, they stopped coming altogether.  Let’s see how long I can keep this up, eh?